Holidays come with family gatherings, office parties, socializing with friends and end of year football get-togethers. These are occasions we look forward to all year, but there is also a scary side to the holiday cheer: drunk driving and the injuries and deaths that occur every December. Every holiday season we see a spike in highway fatalities in the United States. These grim figures do not reflect the other tragic consequences of such accidents: a child’s loss of a parent, a wife’s loss of her wage-earning husband, and the severe injuries and lost income innocent passengers may suffer. It’s up to each and every one of us to do our part to prevent these tragedies. Remember, everyone has a role to play in keeping drunk drivers off the road.

NO ONE is more responsible for preventing drunk driving than you. No excuses! If you drink, you can’t drive. The following are some tips to stay safe this season.

  • Line up a sober driver to take you home if you anticipate drinking alcohol during an evening out.
  • Call a cab, Uber it or set up a ride with a program such as Safe Rides or Sober Rides, which provide free rides home to intoxicated citizens.
  • Watch what you drink and eat. Never drink too much too quickly. Put soft drinks or coffee into your mix of beverages.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach! Make sure you eat food at the same time you’re drinking.
  • Stay overnight in a nearby hotel or motel if you’re going to attend a Christmas party and you know you are going to have a few drinks during the evening. That way you can walk to your hotel room after the party’s over.

drinking and dui during the holidays

Hosts Can Help Prevent DUI’s

Most of us enjoy hosting holiday parties for friends and family. However, with the decision to serve alcoholic beverages comes the responsibility to make certain our guests don’t leave the party so impaired that they are unable to drive safely. The following are some hostess tips to prevent drunk driving.

  •  Serve a variety of food, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep an eye on your guests as you circulate during the party. If you observe someone who shows signs of intoxication, be pro-active. Determine whether the person expects to drive himself home. If so, intervene and ensure that a sober driver takes him.
  • Have friends pitch in for an Uber home. You will feel better knowing they are safely being driven home and you made the right choice.

We all have a role to play in keeping drunk drivers off the roads. Watch out for them as you travel the highways over the holidays. If you see driver behavior that suggests a motorist is driving while intoxicated, call the police and report the suspicious behavior immediately. Give location, vehicle make and model, and license plate number whenever possible.


Police will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers this season. They are trained to spot drivers that appear to be driving intoxicated. They will also be holding Holiday DUI Stops to randomly check drivers that may be drinking and driving. The laws are strict and if you are caught drinking and driving you will be arrested. You will need a professional DUI attorney in Canton, GA that knows how to handle these situations. For your own safety, think twice before you travel the roads and highways late at night during the Holidays. There are more intoxicated drivers on the road in the late evening and early morning hours. Also, be selfish! Don’t get into a car or onto a motorcycle operated by someone you know has had too much to drink! At Hines Law, we want you to have a safe and happy holiday season! We value our clients and send the warmest holiday wishes to you and yours!


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