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Construction accident attorney atlanta

There’s a number of problems people experience if they’ve been involved in a car accident:

  • Their vehicle is damaged
  • Their body is hurting
  • Their missing days from work
  • Their not able to be around their family like they used to

Can I Recover From Lost Wages?

One of the most common questions we receive here at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines is, “Can I recover from lost wages?” or time missed from work.

Because let’s face it:  If you’ve been in an accident, there’s a good chance that your vehicle is damaged.  It’ possible that you are unable to drive to work, and it’s also possible that you are simply too injured to work or are spending your time doing doctor visits.

This is time that you’re missing and money that you could have made.

The Law Does Allow for Lost Wages to be Recovered if You’ve Been Injured

If this is your current situation or perhaps someone you may know, contact our office and speak with a worker’s compensation attorney here anytime.   Our attorneys can calculate the amount that you are owed from lost wages and make sure that you recover that from the insurance companies.