Frida Rescue Dog

With the recent tragedies that have been rocking the country of Mexico it is good to hear some happy stories from the events. Frida is a rescue dog that has saved fifty two very happy souls.


A Labrador Retriever who is working with the Mexican navy, otherwise known as SEMAR, in conducting seek and find missions while in the wake of the tumultuous earthquakes battering Mexico. She was first mentioned a couple weeks ago when a quake rocked Oaxaca leaving many people helplessly trapped among the rubble. That is when Frida the rescue dog jumped into action, much like Clark Kent changing into Superman, Frida donned her rescue gear and went out to help.


She managed to rescue a Juchitan police officer and several others trapped in the destruction left behind in the wake of these devastating hurricanes. Leaving many people doting the canine as a hero and a possible candidate for a new five hundred peso coin. Social media sites are blowing up in celebration of this true inspiration in the light of the tragic circumstances.


One thing is certain, Frida the rescue dog deserves all the attention and most certainly a medal or maybe two. The seven year old pooch is a shining example of what it means to be a hero, and a perfect specimen for other potential rescue dogs to learn what it takes to be a rescue dog. Hopefully she can still help to get a lot more lost survivors be for the end of these events.


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