Workplace accidents are usually because of recklessness or carefree behavior, unsafe working conditions, etc. Therefore, all business owners regardless of their industry must ensure that their working environment is safe. If any worker gets hurt or injured while working, they will be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Getting hurt or injured during work is stressful and the laws governing the worker’s compensation claim can be confusing. If you are an injured worker in Atlanta, you have all the rights to demand compensation from your employer. It would be wise to consult with a skilled workers comp lawyer in Atlanta. Their expertise and experience can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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Moreover, if you are not aware of common reasons to file worker compensation claims, here are the top five scenarios to check out:

1.  Slip and fall

It is the most common reason for injuries at work. Workers can get hurt at work if the floor is uneven, there’s something slippery spilled, or objects are blocking the way. These accidents, are called slips and falls. These can cause anything from small cuts to serious injuries like broken bones or damage to the brain and spine.

2.  Driving Accidents

Driving any kind of vehicle for work purposes can lead to driving accidents while at work. Therefore, if you are driving for work and get injured, you are eligible for workers compensation.

3.  Injury Due to Heavy equipment and Objects

Some industries like manufacturing, demolition, etc, involve the moving of heavy objects or machinery. Hence, only trained workers should be allowed to do these jobs. Sometimes, accidents can occur due to defective machines and tools.

4.  Workplace Burns and Electrocution

In workplaces, if equipment is installed wrongly, broken, or carrying too much load, it can lead to electrical accidents. Also, if there are live wires or wiring problems in wet areas, it can be very dangerous and even life-threatening. These issues are common, especially in construction and industrial sites. Workers with proper training should only be allowed to work with live wires.

5.  Overworking

When an employer makes employees work too much, it can cause physical harm. Even jobs that seem to be easy can hurt workers if they have to do the same thing over and over for long hours. It can lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tiredness, and joint injuries. If you get hurt because of work, you should be covered by worker’s compensation. It includes not only physical issues but also mental problems related to your job or injuries.

In The End

These are the most common reasons to file a worker’s compensation claim. However, it is essential to discuss with an Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyer to know your rights and the process. An experienced and skilled lawyer from Hines Law can provide guidance and represent your case to get the right amount of compensation you deserve. Our skilled legal experts will take care of your claim and will ensure you get back the money you lost.