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China is known for setting new trends, and this new “Voice Messaging” trend is one we should all be paying attention to. Known as “Push to talk,” you are are sending short, brief audio clips instead of typing a text into your phone.

In China, the popular messaging app of choice is called “WeChat.”

In theory, voice messaging (also known as “push-to-talk”) should be popular everywhere. Rather than fumbling with a tiny pixelated keyboard, users simply press a button and speak. Typos are an impossibility, because the recipient gets a recording, not text. You can free up your other hand, and watch where you’re going—much safer than texting while you walk (or drive).

Advantages of Voice Messaging

Push-to-talk messages that you send and receive are more intimate, more nuanced and more sophisticated than the typical poorly-spelled, hastily-written text. You can be flirtatious more easily, or sincere. Funny messages can be replayed over and over again, and you feel much closer after hearing someone’s voice than you would after reading their text.

Additionally, texting while driving is illegal in Georgia. Not only that, but it’s insanely dangerous, accounting for many Atlanta car accidents. Voice messaging is a safer alternative in the event that you simply cannot pull over to send a message.

Give Voice Messaging a Try

If you want to try if for yourself, here’s how: On Facebook Messenger, open a chat and push the microphone icon towards the bottom right of the screen. Push the red record button, hold, and release. On WhatsApp, push and hold the microphone icon on the bottom right area next to the keyboard.

You won’t hate it. It’s not like an answering machine. It’s not like talking to yourself—it is just like speaking into your phone (or your headphones with microphone if you use those). No, no one is looking at you funny.

Now, go on and enjoy the freedom and convenience of this new form of communication. And leave the texting behind.  Should you ever suffer an injury and are need of an Atlanta car accident attorney, don’t hesitate to call our firm.

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