Construction sites injuries are common and particularly dangerous. There are lot of potential hazards present on a construction site which expose the construction workers to risks every day.

If you hope to receive fair compensation through your claim, establishing the liability after a construction site accident is essential. Construction site property owners, contractors, subcontractors or construction company supervisors may be liable for an accident if they fail to uphold their responsibility.

Construction site accidents involve various factors which can make the claim process complicated. Apart from dangerous property conditions, there could be other types of negligence that could lead to an accident. In such cases, a thorough investigation by an Atlanta construction accident lawyer is required to determine the fault.

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Liability for a Construction Site Accident in Atlanta

Accidents caused by dangerous conditions on a property can occur due to various issues such as cracked pavement or an uncovered hole. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the property to provide adequate warning about the hazards or address these hazards.

Usually, the owners are responsible for providing adequate warnings to visitors and maintaining safe property. If the owners fail to live up to their responsibility, they are potentially liable for the accidents that occur at the construction site. However, in some cases, if the other party has control of the construction site and is liable for the accident.

The level of responsibility also depends on the type of visitor to the property. For a trespasser that enters the property the owner has little responsibility.

Licensees and invitees have a right to be on the property. A worker on a construction site is an invitee hired to perform certain tasks. They own the highest duty of care from the landowner or caretaker to:

  • Address hazardous conditions
  • provide warning about hazardous conditions that cannot be repaired
  • Inspect the property for hazards
  • Maintain the site in good condition

Understanding Complexity of Construction Accident Claim

When it comes to construction accidents that occur due to dangerous property conditions, the control the owner has over the site is a common concern. The owner could have direct control over the property, or it could have been handed to outside property.

If the accident is caused by defective machinery or other construction material the product manufacturer or retailers could share liability for the damages.

A thorough review by the attorney will give a better idea of the party responsible for your injuries. While you need to prove liability to recover compensation through a construction accident personal injury claim, you do not need to prove liability for worker’s compensation benefits.

Whether you need assistance in getting workers compensation benefits in Atlanta or you want to file a lawsuit against a third-party responsible for the accident, a construction accident attorney can provide the representative to get you the compensation you deserve.

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