Austell Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

Bicycle accidents are often overlooked because some people assume they are minor compared to car accidents. However, bicycles accidents are dangerous and could lead to even more severe damages in some instances. Bicycle helmets mostly offer minimal protection, and the severity of the accident is often the same with or without them. Bicycle accident victims often suffer severe injuries that sometimes lead to disability or even death. It takes a lot of energy and support to return to a normal life after suffering from the accident.

 Some insurance companies will still take corners in covering your treatment and damages. Hines Law is the best firm to relieve you from the stress of such insurance firms. Our lawyers are competent, with adequate knowledge and experience to ensure that you are fully compensated for all the treatment charges and the damages incurred during the accident. Choosing a good law firm ensures you concentrate fully on recovering while the rest of the legal matters are well taken care of on your behalf.

Factors to consider when choosing a law firm


It is very important to choose a firm that works within your budget. This will prevent disappointments for both you and your lawyers. It is disappointing for your lawyers to represent you well and not receive the agreed payment on time, and it could lead to more legal matters. It is also disappointing for you to expect representation and your lawyers fail to show up due to lack of payment. 

 At Hines Law, we have unique price packages that cater to our different customers. Additionally, we provide free consultation to allow you to evaluate the different packages and choose one that works for you.


Experience is a key factor to consider when looking for a Austell bicycle accidents lawyer. A person with knowledge of what goes on in the field will be more qualified to represent you than a person who is new to the field. Experience allows lawyers to know which tactic to use at what point of the case and which offer to take. Choosing experienced Austell bicycle accidents lawyer thus allows you to get the best out of your insurance company. 

 Our attorneys at Hines Law have 15 years of experience in dealing with personal injury clients. We have also handled cases against some of the big insurance companies in the state. We thus have the needed experience to properly represent you.

 Aggressive litigation

Having aggressive lawyers is also important. The lawyers must be willing to push for your compensation even if it leads to the court. Hiring lawyers who will settle at the least offer will leave you and your family indebted because you may not be able to recover all the damages you incurred.

 Hines Law has a known record of aggressive litigation that is acknowledged by insurance companies all over the state.


Although professionalism is mostly desired during these types of cases, choosing someone who feels for you is also important. A personal injury lawyer should be able to meet your emotional needs, besides the legal ones. This is more important when the bicycle injury has affected your life severely. At such a period, it takes convincing and support to adapt to the new life. Our lawyers at Hines Law are trained on emotional intelligence and will help you feel at home, even on your worst days.

 Financial resources available 

The financial resources of the firm you choose will determine whether or not it can handle a case. A firm with inadequate resources will not take the required risks for you when addressing your insurance case. However, firms that have enough resources will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best from an insurance company. This is because it does not worry about liquidity or bankruptcy when doing so. Hines Law has adequate credit to go all-in for our clients and ensure they get the best.

Experience in handling similar claims

A law firm could be experienced at handling personal injuries or even bicycle injuries. However, if a firm lacks experience in a claim similar to yours or has simultaneously failed in handling similar claims, it may not be the best pick. It is thus important to look for firms that have handled claims like yours successfully. 

 Hines Law has handled a variety of claims in its 20 years of dealing with personal injury claims. Thus, it has experience and success in a wide variety of claims of this kind.

 Hines Law is here to ensure you do not go through the stress of handling legal bicycle industry matters on your own. You should always know that insurance companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge to give you inadequate compensation. Our competent and experienced lawyers will ensure you get each dollar you deserve. 

 Our Austell bicycle accidents lawyer seek to obtain compensation for: lost income, lost opportunities for future earnings, immediate and long-term medical expenses, long-term care, emotional distress, pain and suffering, cost of rehabilitation, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Contact us to get a free online consultation or talk to one of our competent representatives to obtain the best legal representation for your bicycle industry.