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From Personal Injury to Criminal Law Cases, The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines in is a Gwinnett County Personal Injury Law Firm You Can Trust

Unfortunately, people are not always prepared for legal issues that life brings their way. Fortunately, the attorneys at Hines Law in Gwinnett County are. Our experience spans a broad spectrum of the judicial system. Our Gwinnett County Personal Injury Law Firm has successfully built a strong team of attorneys who will provide you with the aggressive representation you need when confronted with a legal matter. We are well versed in copious areas of the law, namely personal injury caused by motor vehicle accidents, “slip and fall,” and detrimental side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Additionally, our attorneys are equipped to build a strong defense in instances where you are faced with criminal charges, including those stemming from a DUI citation. Trust the Gwinnett County Personal Injury Law Firm to ensure that you secure all that you’re entitled to under the law. It is important to be fully aware of your legal rights, and we will make certain you are.

Have you sustained personal injury as a result of a car accident in Gwinnett County, Georgia?

Unfortunately “hit and run” accidents are becoming a more commonplace occurrence. These accidents require that accurate information be recorded so that you can receive assistance. A license plate number and a vehicle description (year/make/model) can go a long way in assisting should you suffer personal injuries in this kind of accident. When you need assistance, should you suffer a personal injury in Gwinnett County, please contact Gwinnett County Personal Injury Lawyer and our law offices? We are here to assist you. Please try not to handle these situations on your own. We are here for you.

Regardless of how careful and attentive you are while behind the wheel, even the keenest defensive driving tactics cannot always prevent an auto accident. While you’re strictly adhering to all of the rules of the road, a fellow driver may not be, opening the window of opportunity for a collision to occur. Being involved in a car accident as a result of another’s carelessness, inattention, recklessness or negligence can leave you with significant and lingering injuries. Such a situation is completely out of the realm of your control. You should not be left with substantial medical bills and considerably lost wages resulting from being unable to work. The experienced team of Gwinnett County Personal Injury Law Firm also known as Hines Law takes a sensitive, yet aggressive approach in handling the various legal issues you’ll be confronted with following a car accident, allowing all of your energy to be focused on your recovery.

A gwinnett county, GA truck accident lawyer

This country could not operate if were not for the trucking industry. However, there is so much truck traffic on the interstates, there are bound to be truck related accidents. They carry large and dangerous up and down the interstates on a regular basis. When you consider that drivers fall asleep at the wheel or that many big rigs are not maintained properly, these things can result in terrible truck accidents. If you are ever involved in a trucking accident, chances are you will need to be represented by a good truck accident attorney. A Gwinnett County Personal Injury Lawyer from Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines can help you to get fair compensation from your insurance company so that you can take care of your medical expenses and lost wages. This also involves getting compensated for the loss of your vehicle.

Spinal cord and brain injuries in Gwinnett County, GA

When it comes to spinal cord and brain injuries, they are very serious injuries that cannot be reversed many times. They will stick with you and cause problems for you later on in life. If they were caused by an auto accident or any other type of accident, you should know your rights. You can get compensated for your medical expenses and get the money that you need to deal with these injuries. If you get the right treatment and the right compensation, it can help to make your life a little bit better and help you to get back to normal once more.

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