Austell Dui Lawyer

Receiving a DUI (driving under the influence) charge in Austell can be extremely overwhelming. If convicted, a DUI charge (even for first-time offenders) can cost you a lot in terms of time, money, and reputation.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer from Hines Law can help mitigate the damage a DUI conviction would bring to your life. Our attorneys advocate for our clients by (in some cases) helping to reduce charges, exclude illegal evidence, negotiate less severe penalties, and even help you walk away from the charge altogether. We will also answer any questions about the charge and penalties you face throughout the process.

Even though DUI cases in Austell and nearby areas in Georgia are often complex, our legal team has years of experience navigating these complexities and protecting the clients’ rights we serve. Our goal is to fight for positive results for your DUI charge.

What You Should Expect When Facing DUI Charges in Austell

In the state of Georgia, most people arrested for DUI are facing misdemeanor offenses. Even though this is the case, a few situations would result in felony charges. These include:

  • You tried to flee from the arresting officer
  • You have received three or more DUI convictions in the past decade
  • You caused serious bodily harm or death to an unborn fetus or person

If you are arrested for DUI, you can expect a few things to happen.

License Considerations

Your attorney has just 30 days to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle or request an administrative suspension hearing. If this request isn’t made in the 30-day period, or if the device is never installed, your ability to drive and license in Georgia will be suspended.

If you are accused of refusing to take the State’s urine, breath, or blood test, the suspension will last for a year. The exception for this is if a hearing is requested in the 30-day period.

This is one reason we encourage you to contact our legal team as soon as possible after being arrested for DUI.

Criminal Proceedings

The criminal proceedings portion of your DUI charge starts with an arraignment. This is where you enter your plea of not guilty or guilty to the charges. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate your situation and case without having to go to trial after the arraignment process. However, pleading not guilty will result in your attorney receiving and reviewing evidence for your case, filing necessary motions to exclude any illegal evidence, and working on starting negotiations with the prosecution for a plea deal.

If you decide to reject the offer and your motions are unsuccessful, then your case will go to trial. For a jury trial, the jury will determine the outcome, and a judge will choose your punishment.

Potential Penalties for DUI Charges

If convicted of DUI, you may face several consequences and penalties. Some of the most common include suspended licenses, restricted driving privileges, treatment or education programs, fines, and jail time. The penalties that you face usually vary based on your DUI circumstances and the judge’s discretion. Even in situations where you are convicted of DUI, our legal team can help to reduce or mitigate the severity of your penalties.

How Our Austell DUI Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

You may believe you can handle the criminal legal proceedings without the help of an attorney. However, if you don’t have experience with the legal system, this may prove to be extremely difficult.

Hiring our DUI attorneys at Hines Law means you have a team of professionals who have worked on cases like yours in the past. We also know the legal system and laws in Georgia and have worked in the local court system. All this provides us with an advantage people outside of the legal system don’t have. You can also count on us to use all our expertise and resources to help with your case.

Contact Our Austell DUI Lawyer at Hines Law Today

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Austell or a nearby area, don’t wait to contact our team at Hines Law. We are ready to review the facts of your case and start planning a defense strategy.

We understand that each case is unique and will give your situation the time and effort it requires to help you get a more positive outcome. We will advocate for your rights and fight for you in the courtroom. Step one is to get in touch, so call us today so we can begin your case review.