Gainesville, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Gainesville, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Gainesville, GA is notorious for its high rate of vehicular and motorcycle accidents. Recent data finds that nearly half of all vehicle and motorcycle incidents occur in broad daylight, sending motorists and even pedestrians to the emergency room.

As the victim of a motorcycle crash, you will likely have sustained multiple bruises and contusions at the least. These accidents are highly fatal, and survivors can still end up with fractures and head trauma — two injuries you will not come back from. You’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney.

Granted, your insurance should cover your medical expenses, and if you’re lucky, the damages as well. However, keep in mind that insurance companies cannot cover everything.

You need compensation for the pain and suffering, the remaining medical expenses, and the lost wages a motorcycle accident causes. This is why it is crucial to get Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers involved in your case.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in or near Gainesville, GA, call us to get the legal support you need and the compensation you deserve.

Gainesville, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Level the Playing Field

Insurers and other motorists will try to claim that you were the cause of the motorcycle accident to avoid covering your costs. When they have legal counsel and representation, the opposing side will likely win a settlement or compensation at your expense — even if you didn’t cause the crash.

This is where Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers come in. When you call a motorcycle accident lawyer, you will get counsel and representation that tips the scales in your favor. You will no longer need to maneuver the legal process alone, nor will you risk a mistrial since your lawyer will be advocating for your rights throughout the proceedings.

Here are ways you can benefit from the support of Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers:

Put the Other Motorist’s Insurance Provider on Notice

Insurance providers will try to save money on coverage as much as possible, which is why they will be quick to deny your claims. However, when Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers contact the other driver’s insurance provider, the response will be different.

Even during the early stages of the case, the other motorist’s insurance provider will view your claim with a higher sense of urgency. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Ensure That Your Rights Are Protected and Observed

The justice system in GA can be such that some rights are not observed during proceedings. Having a lawyer in your corner protects you from rights violations. By doing so, your lawyer ensures that your case is handled with the utmost regard for Georgia’s due process.

Prove the Other Driver’s Liability and Negligence

Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to sift through evidence and documents to build your case. With the evidence and reports available, your lawyer will be able to prove that the other driver caused the accident. This can bring you a step closer to recovering due compensation.

Prevent Escalation to a Trial

Trials for motorcycle accidents in Gainesville, GA can be drawn-out and exhausting on many levels. This is something that good Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers can prevent.

With their negotiation skills, your lawyers can craft an amicable settlement that benefits you without matters escalating to a trial.

Receive the Right Amount of Compensation

Because the opposing party’s insurers will try to save money, they will offer a low settlement amount. Many accident victims in Gainesville have no alternative but to take this offer, especially in the absence of legal counsel and representation.

If you hire a lawyer, the lawyer can negotiate or fight for a much higher settlement amount. Your attorney can calculate the right amount, add to it, and present it as the proper settlement amount.

What You Can Receive Compensation for When You Win a Settlement

Motorcycle accidents cause a plethora of injuries that can affect many areas of your life. The injuries are a detriment to more than just your health. Because of the speeds at which you and the other motorist were traveling, your motorcycle may be totaled, and the severity of your injuries will likely render you unable to work for a while.

You can receive compensation from the other motorist’s insurer in the form of:

  • Medical coverage or reimbursements
  • Compensation for property damage
  • Wage-loss payments or benefits
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

Of course, you get these only after winning a settlement. This is why you need to call Gainesville, GA motorcycle accident lawyers to maximize your chances of a successful settlement.

Motorcycle Accidents Are More Complex Than They Appear

At a glance, getting compensation should be simple, especially if you’re not to blame for the incident. While there are legal mechanisms in place for getting injury compensation in GA, certain factors act as barriers, including the testimony of the other motorist.

Often, other motorists suffer their fair share of injuries, which can make it seem as though you were equally negligent of traffic laws. If they seek legal counsel and representation, you might be at a disadvantage.

When it comes to matters on the road, Georgia is an at-fault state, which further complicates matters. If you were to seek compensation, it is not the other motorist who compensates you; rather, it will be their auto insurance providers. When their insurance providers side with their beneficiary, the providers will not compensate you.

In short, you will encounter two roadblocks as you seek compensation. One obstacle is proving the negligence of an injured motorist, and the other is getting insurers to cover your damages.

Gainesville, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

We’ve handled cases of motorcycle accidents in Gainesville and the surrounding areas of Georgia for more than a decade. Our track record is paved by the success stories of our past clients.

Fast, professional, and effective — these words describe how we’ll handle your motorcycle accident case. Call us now if you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident in or near Gainesville, GA.