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Accidents are a pretty common occurrence, especially in the workplace. These accidents cause a variety of injuries, ranging from broken bones after being hit by a piece of machinery, back injuries from lifting heavy boxes, to carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of typing for an extended number of years, and so on. It is highly advisable that you seek the services of a worker’s compensation attorney to assist you in receiving compensation to substitute your lost wages and/or settle your medical bills in case you incur a workplace related injury.

Some people may opt to approach the whole process of filing for a worker’s compensation claim on their own. However, the process is complex and they may find themselves overwhelmed. Here, we will provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about hiring a Gainesville GA workers’ compensation lawyer, therefore, clearing your uncertainties about it.


Why Should I Hire a Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

As mentioned earlier, the process of filing for a worker’s compensation claim to recover your medical costs, lost wages, and other relevant benefits can be complex. A reputable and experienced worker’s compensation lawyer in Gainesville, Georgia will help you receive your benefits if you sustained workplace injuries, or if you are the employer, he or she will help to prevent a lawsuit against you in case your employee was injured at work.

The worker’s compensation system in Georgia aims at helping workers receive compensation for the injuries sustained while carrying out their work-related duties. But for you to receive your deserved benefits, you need a good lawyer by your side. This is because, your employer or his or her insurer can refuse to compensate you for the injuries, therefore, the only way to ensure you get your benefits is to hire an attorney who specializes in Georgia’s worker’s compensation law.

Cases, where there isn’t enough clarity to clearly show who was at fault or what caused the accident that resulted in a workplace injury, are common. In such cases, employers or their insurers try to pin the blame on the injured employee by claiming that he or she had a pre-existing condition that caused the accident, the injuries were sustained while the employee was carrying out other duties that are not related to work, and so on. The best way to defend yourself against such claims and protect your right to fair compensation is to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer.


What are the Possible Reasons I May Need to Hire a Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

The worker’s compensation system will resolve your case and grant you the compensation you deserve if your work- related injuries are minor. However, things can turn out to be a little bit complicated in some cases. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is to hire a lawyer to fight for your rights. Examples of cases that require you to work with an attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation are:

– Your employer denies that you were injured while carrying out your employment duties

It is not uncommon for employers to deny that the injuries you sustained are as a result of an accident that happened at the workplace. In such a case, a lawyer is important as he or she will help in establishing the connection between the accident and your work duties. Failure to connect the two may lead to the loss of your compensation.

– You have a pre-existing condition

If you suffer from a pre-existing health or psychological condition, your employer or insurance provider may deny your claim stating that you sustained the injuries because of the disease you suffer from. However, this shouldn’t be the case as a pre-existing condition should not disqualify you from being compensated.

– You sustained severe injuries that made you incapable of working for a long time In case you’ve sustained serious injuries, the amount you are supposed to receive as compensation should be substantial enough to take care of your medical bills. However, the entity who is supposed to compensate you may try to negotiate for a lower amount of payment that what you deserve. In this scenario, you should hire an attorney to present and defend your case, therefore, making sure that you receive your deserved benefits.

– You cannot quantify your injuries medically

Even though most injuries that are obvious and can be seen, there are some that are hard to prove. A good example is a mental trauma sustained from an accident that occurred at a workplace. Quantifying the amount of damage sustained and that should be compensated may be tough. However, a good Gainesville workers’ compensation lawyer can help by submitting convincing medical evidence that proves the severity of your injury.

– Your benefits are delayed or denied

There are cases where the entity who’s supposed to remit the compensation delays or refuses to do so even after they have been instructed to do so. If this is what is happening to you, there are legal channels you can pursue, such as filing for an appeal. A good worker’s compensation lawyer will assist you through the process by gathering and presenting the necessary evidence to prove that you deserve to receive your benefits.


How Can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help Me?

You are entitled to receive compensation after incurring a work-related injury. But sadly, a good number of employers and insurance providers are not so willing to release the compensation. You may have to opt for an appeal case, which is frustrating. When this happens, many people tend to give up on fighting for their right to receive benefits, while others opt to do so without the help of an attorney.

It is advisable that you do not do this and instead choose to work with a good lawyer as he or she will increase your chances of being rightfully compensated. When the claim adjuster and insurance company’s attorney work against you, your lawyer will do the following to see that you are given what you deserve:

– Gather medical evidence

The victims, in a good number of worker’s compensation cases lose, are denied their right to fair compensation due to lack of evidence. A skilled attorney will make sure that you receive what you rightly deserve by providing medical evidence. He or she will make this happen by collecting all your necessary medical documents, ensuring you are receiving treatment from the best doctors, and getting your doctor’s medical opinion. The attorney will also represent you in all your hearings and carry out depositions of other experts in the field of medicine.

– Negotiate settlement agreements

A reputable lawyer can estimate how much compensation you are entitled to from your employer or insured. This estimate depends on how severe your injuries are and what effects they have had on your abilities, the amount of money you’ll need to cater for your treatment, and whether your injuries have/will lead to a permanent disability. On top of that, he or she will also consider your previous wages and whether there are any outstanding benefits from a previous temporary injury you incurred at work that your employer or insurer has not yet compensated.


Talk To a Gainesville GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In order to secure your right to compensation regardless of where it is a simple claim or a complicated one, we advise that you contact the best worker’s compensation lawyer in Gainesville, GA right away.