Personal injury can be a serious and life-changing experience. In addition to emotional and physical pain, there are also some medical expenses. Personal injuries include construction accidents; slips and falls; animal bites and attacks; vehicle, motorcycle, and truck accidents, etc. So, if you or your loved one is a victim of any personal injury, you may deserve compensation.

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But how much you should ask for in compensation? What are the factors that can affect your final payout?

Well, factors like Injury severity, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, emotional trauma, and most importantly, insurance coverage, all play a part in determining the final dollar amount in an injury settlement. However, without any knowledge, it can be difficult to know what you deserve in compensation. Therefore, it would be wise to consult with an experiencedinsurance lawyer in Atlanta, GA to guide you. These experts hold the skills and experience to help you get the best results.

5 Factors Affecting the Settlement Demand

Your damages are what you ask for in your settlement. They should cover what you spent on doctors, the money you couldn’t earn because of the accident, and how much pain you felt. Below are some factors that are involved in settlement:

1. Lost Income

If you have missed work because of the injury, you are entitled to lost income damages. It is calculated based on your regular salary, sick days, vacation time, etc. A letter from your employer describing your pay and details of your job can help. Even you can use pay slips, tax returns, and invoices.

2. Level of Fault

The amount you might get in a settlement also depends on how much other person is responsible for your injury. In some places, you could be partly responsible for what happened. The percentage of how guilty you are can affect how much money you ask for, and you will receive the remaining amount after considering your fault.

3. Emotional and Mental Trauma

It can be challenging to evaluate the value of your mental and emotional trauma. However, an experienced lawyer from the top law firms in Atlanta can help you determine it. You can get a reasonable amount for these damages.

4. Property Damage

Figuring out property damage is simpler. If your car was in a crash, a mechanic can check it and say if it can be fixed or if it’s too damaged. They can give you a real price for how much it costs to repair or replace your property.

5. Pain and Sufferings

To figure out the value of pain and suffering in injury cases, you need to consider how many days you’ve suffered. You multiply this number by a factor, ranging from 1.5 to 5, based on your specific damages. For, if your economic damages were $10,000 and your factor is 2, your pain and suffering value would be $20,000.

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In the End

No one is prepared for the ups and downs of life. And when you are dealing with a personal injury claim for the first time, it’s better to talk with a reputable insurance lawyer in Atlanta, GA. They can guide you about your rights and help you make an informed decision. Also, it is advisable to be reasonable while asking for compensation. Asking a high amount may result in the rejection of your settlement demand, and on the other hand, if you ask for too low, you may have to face losses.