Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) offense can be a very scary. However, understanding the legal process helps you handle a DUI arrest in a better manner to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Here are some tips to handle the DUI arrest in Georgia that can help minimize the damage.

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Understanding the DUI Arrest Process in Georgia

If a law enforcement officer suspects that the person driving is under the influence of alcohol or any substance, they initiate a traffic stop to observe the driver’s behavior.

The officer asks question to know whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The officer may also administer field sobriety tests to know whether the driver is intoxicated. During the process, if the officer has a reason to believe that the driver is under influence of any drugs, they will arrest for DUI.

The driver is then taken to the police station. It is followed by photographing, fingerprinting, and recording personal information of the driver. During the process, you should remain calm and cooperate with the proceedings. Any disruptive behavior or any attempt to hamper the proceedings will be used against you in the future of the case.

After the booking process is done, the driver may be eligible for release on bond, if it is your first offense.

Importance of Staying Calm and Cooperative

Be calm and cooperative but remember that you don’t have to answer their questions. You can politely deny all queries of the police officer while being respectful. Don’t admit to anything or answer questions without an attorney.

Know Your Rights After DUI Arrest

Any person arrested for a DUI offense has the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Exercise your rights and don’t speak about the case unless an attorney is present.

Contact an Attorney

Get in touch with a DUI attorney as soon as possible. The consequences of conviction can include heavy fines, license suspension, jail time and a permanent criminal record. The lawyer will review your case and help you choose the best legal options. The attorney will request you to provide every detail regarding your arrest. You need to be very specific and provide every detail which can be very critical in your case.

Request a License Suspension Hearing

Your attorney will also assure that the license suspension revocation appeal is filled. They will also represent you in court and negotiate on your behalf. It is important to understand the consequences of DUI conviction in Georgia.

Attending Court Hearings

If charged with DUI, you will need to attend a court hearing. Failing to attend the hearing can result in additional legal consequences. The attorney will help prepare for the court hearing and represent you in the best possible manner.


Our DUI lawyer in Atlanta will help you handle your DUI arrest case effectively and help avoid the serious consequences of a DUI conviction.

4 Things to Do After a DUI Arrest in Atlanta

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