Marietta Drug Crime Lawyer

Any controlled substance, which includes prescription drugs and illegal street drugs, is subject to federal and state laws related to their use, possession, distribution, and more.

If you are caught violating the established laws, you may face harsh penalties and serious criminal charges. Common penalties for these include significant fines and imprisonment, along with property or money related to the sale of drugs.

At Hines Law, our legal team has been fighting for individuals arrested for and charged with drug-related crimes for years. Our Marietta drug crime attorneys can provide the representation you need to help you possibly overcome the potential consequences related to these charges.

Drug Possession Laws in Georgia

Drug possession laws in Georgia are taken very seriously. If you are convicted for the possession of even small amounts of illegal drugs, it means you will likely face serious and significant penalties. There are a few types of drug Schedules in Georgia, which outline the different classifications of these substances.

The penalties you face depend on the schedule of drugs you are caught with.

In Georgia, the DEA schedule system is used (which is what most states use in the U.S.). The schedules were created by the Drug Enforcement Agency and included five categories.

The most dangerous drugs that are most likely to cause addiction are ranked as Schedule 1, while the drugs with the lowest possibility of abuse are ranked as Schedule 5.

Some examples of Schedule 1 drugs include synthetic marijuana, heroin, MDMA, and LSD. While Schedule 2 drugs are also dangerous and have a risk of addiction, they also have a medical purpose, which is why they were not classified as Schedule 1. Examples of these include methamphetamine, codeine, opium, phentermine, methadone, and morphine. While marijuana is not included in any of the schedules, it is still considered a controlled substance.

How Our Legal Team Can Help with Your Drug Charges in Marietta

When you contact our law firm, you will find we can handle virtually any drug charge you may receive, regardless of severity. Some of the cases we have handled in the past include:

  • Trafficking
  • Simple possession (includes both misdemeanor and felony simple possession)
  • Federal drug cases
  • Drugs not in a container (having prescription medications out of the original container)
  • Sale
  • Drug possession and the intent to distribute

At Hines Law, our attorneys have handled many large-scale cases, but we also handle smaller drug charges. It doesn’t matter the charges you are facing; we can handle the case and help you develop a strong defense.

Possible Defense Strategies for Your Marietta Drug Charge

There are several possible strategies we can use to defend your drug crime charge. Our Marietta drug crime attorney will assess your situation and look at the evidence the prosecution has. We will also consider factors like the type and amount of drug you were caught with.

In many situations, a possession charge can be dismissed if there is insufficient evidence to support it. There are two types of possession that can occur. One includes the true possession of the drugs, like in a pocket or bag. The other is called constructive possession. This is when a drug is found stored inside a home, but no one is at home.

Some of the potential defense strategies we can use for charges of constructive possession include equal access and inferences. Sometimes, the state will suggest the drug was owned by the person and assume this because it was in your home. However, our attorneys can work to dispute this evidence and show other people can access the car or home, which creates doubt about who actually owns the drugs.

Another potential defense is entrapment. This occurs if the facts show that an officer or another law enforcement official coerced the individual. This means a deal was not the idea of the defendant, but the agent or informant created the plan.

Contact Our Lawyer for Help with Your Marietta Drug Charges

If you are facing drug crime charges in Marietta or a nearby area in Georgia, give our legal team at Hines Law a call. We can evaluate your case and create a strategy to help you move forward. We will also create a strong defense to help you achieve the best possible outcome for the situation.

Our legal team has years of experience handling all types of drug charges and can help you build a defense strategy that will be beneficial for your crime. The first step is to contact us to get started. We are ready to protect your rights and fight for you in and out of the courtroom. Contact us today to learn more.