There has been an increase in the use of opioids in the state of Georgia. Though opioid use is rampant across the country, Georgia has been the worst hit among all the states. A University of Georgia conference report exhaustively reveals the state of affairs.

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The authorities have managed to pinpoint the exact locations where abuse is at its highest. These areas lie in the rust belt and the southeast.

A Medicaid statistics compilation shows a high concentration of opioid abuse especially in the regions to the southeast and northwest Georgia as well as numerous counties that lie east and north of Athens.

The Crook Report

A health-care consulting agency known as Michael Crooks Alliant Quality dug deeper on the issue to unearth shocking details. Their investigations show that the number of patients with related opioid conditions in Georgia rose dramatically between the years 2009 and 2014.   An annual address on the topic of public health was conducted by Georgia’s college of public health on Tuesday.


Drug Prescriptions

Another shocking discovery made by Michael Crooks is the fact that prescriptions for drugs such as methadone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl have more than doubled since the late 1980s.

Opioid-Related Fatalities

Experts working in the health sector are witnessing an excess of 30000 opioid-related fatalities every year. Hospitals and dispensaries are now grappling with over 300,000 admissions and emergency cases of opioid abuse victims. The opioids epidemic is unique and unlike any drug-related tragedy. Oftentimes, drug offenses are only consolidated with the help of a reputable criminal law firm.

Statistical Facts About Opioid Abuse

Another interesting piece of statistics compares the use of opioid to that of painkillers. Nowadays, many people abuse painkillers by using them for purposes that are not part of the prescription. Users can access the substances from places other than registered dealers. The study also reveals that 54 percent of users get their drugs from friends.

There is a high likelihood that those who buy their substances for friends do not have a prescription. Strangers also account for about 4 percent of drug sources.

Risk Sensitization

The bulk of abusers are not aware of the risks that come along with inappropriate dosage. However, health institutions do partner with chemists and physicians to sensitize people on the impact of drug abuse. The organizations regularly involve people in discussions to drive the message home.  Atlanta criminal law attorney Matthew C. Hines is available for consultations should you or anyone you know has been arrested for drug-possession related incidents.