Here in Georgia, Spring has a firm hold with highs in the upper 70’s and lows bottoming out at a balmy 50 degrees. After spending time inside during the winter, you are likely wanting to get out and enjoy this warmer sprig of air.


Being out on our roadways comes with greater driving responsibility in keeping an eye out for motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians on the road as the weather continues to brighten. If you drive an automobile, you may be cringing thinking of how much more careful you’re going to need to be.

Motorcycle fatalities in Georgia top out near 160 in 2018

If you’re a cyclist of any sort, you may be itching to hit the road. After all, cycling comes with added benefits. You will enjoy fewer gas expenses and possibly daily exercise. Before you hop on your motorcycle, bike, or into your car, be sure to take into consideration these important facts (and grab your helmet).

Information released to date indicates:

Injury does not discriminate, Safety first.

Since motorcycles gained popularity in the 1980s, people who ride them have continued to age taking fatalities of those age 50+ from three percent in the ’80s to over a third in 2018. As we all know, we don’t get any younger making the chance for injury more likely to occur the older we get. Motorcycles are less stable than automobiles, and motorcyclists are far more likely to sustain an injury or death during a crash due to not being enclosed by a vehicle.

Protect Yourself

  • Even if you’re young (or young at heart), you should be aware of motorcyclists’ rights and laws. Many individuals are not equipped to defend themselves in a personal injury case even if the accident was not their fault. Not to mention that injuries related to motorcycle crashes can leave long-standing medical conditions that may evolve over time. Such situations require legal expertise that specializes in motor vehicle accidents.
  • As an automobile driver, you also want to be aware of your rights in a motorcycle crash.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate training and licensure to drive a motorcycle as well as the best gear, aside from a helmet, to ensure your body sustains as little injury as possible during an accident.
  • Consider purchasing a motorcycle with, or installing yours with, an antilock braking system as such systems reduce the fatality rate by 31%.
  • Wear your helmet, or you could be found negligent in a personal injury case!

Seek Legal Advice

If you are considering purchasing a motorcycle or are simply unaware of the legalities surrounding motorcycle use and personal injury lawsuits, seek representation to ensure your needs are amply and fairly met. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident as the driver of an automobile, it is also important to know your rights as they pertain to your defense.