The Top Mistakes to Avoid After a Gainesville Car Accident If you are involved in a car accident Gainesville, GA, there’s no question that it can be a difficult and confusing situation. While this is true, it’s important to take steps to protect your rights.

Along with seeking medical treatment for any injuries, it’s also important to know about and avoid some of the most common mistakes that can occur.

Make sure to get in touch with our legal team at Hines Law after an accident to ensure your rights are protected. We are here to investigate your case and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Keep reading to learn more about the most common mistakes made after a car accident so you can be sure to avoid them.

Being Uncooperative

It’s never a good idea to make accusations or even argue with another driver or passenger after you are involved in a car accident. Instead, remain as calm as you can and treat the situation like you would a business matter. Understand your rights after an Gainesville car accident.

When the authorities arrive, be sure to be fully cooperative with their requests. You should answer any questions as truthfully as you can, but only state facts. Don’t say anything that is your opinion about what happened or speculation. You need to avoid saying anything that may make you seem guilty about the accident, as well.

Not Getting Medical Care

If you or someone else has been injured in a car accident Gainesville, GA, you should contact the authorities right away. When the authorities arrive, make sure to request medical attention.

For injuries that don’t constitute an emergency, try to get to a doctor as soon as you can. There are some injuries that may have delayed symptoms and may take several hours or days to appear. If you seek medical treatment right away, these issues can be found, and you can begin treatment, which is going to help you recover sooner. Also, seeking medical treatment right away provides documentation of your injuries that can be used if you file a lawsuit to recover compensation.

Ignoring the Accident Scene

It’s important to document the car accident scene with photos and videos. While getting photos and videos of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved is a good idea, you also need to video and photograph the accident scene. This includes road conditions and signs nearby. It’s also smart to get a picture of all your injuries. Be sure the timestamp is turned on when you take these photos.

Not Gathering Contact Information

When you approach another driver, be sure you remain polite. Request their information, such as their name, insurance information, and driver’s license information. You should also write down the make and model of their vehicle.

If authorities respond to the accident scene, they can handle this information exchange. For accidents that involve passengers or even witnesses, be sure that you get contact information from them, as well. Your attorney can use this later to get more information about what happened.

Waiting to Contact Your Insurance Company

You shouldn’t wait to get in touch with your insurance company after a car accident. They need to know about your accident. Make sure you don’t downplay your injuries or the vehicle damage that you had.

Forgetting About the Accident Report

If authorities come to your accident, they will create and file an official police report. Request a copy of this report. They may not have this at the time of your accident; however, you can find out when and where you can pick it up. Having the official record of your accident will be useful for your car accident lawsuit.

Losing Important Accident-Related Documents

You will get several records related to your accident and your injuries that you need to hang on to. It’s a good idea to start a file and make sure that you save everything. This includes all receipts for payments connected to the accident and records related to school or work that you missed due to your injuries.

Be sure to save the photos that you took at the accident scene or after to show how severe your injuries were, along with vehicle damage or any other losses you incurred. Be sure to document your recovery, which includes taking notes about what you are going through related to medical care, rehabilitation, disability, and any pain or suffering you experience.

Accepting a Fast Insurance Settlement

If you accept the first settlement you are offered, you probably won’t get the full amount that you deserve. It’s a good idea to talk to our legal team to make sure that you get the maximum settlement amount you can.

Not Getting in Touch with Our Attorneys

After a car accident Gainesville, GA, it’s important to get in touch with our legal team as soon as you can. We can review your situation, investigate the case, gather documents, and talk to witnesses to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

With our help, you can feel confident that your rights will be protected and that you will get the compensation needed to help you recover from your injuries and damages. We are here to help you and protect your rights.

Contact Hines Law for Help with Your Car Accident Gainesville, GA

If you have been involved in a car accident Gainesville, GA, let us review your case and protect your rights. These situations can be confusing, but we know the law and have experience protecting our client’s rights. The first step is to schedule a consultation with our legal team.

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