White Collar Workers’ Compensation Injuries in AtlantaWhen you start to think about workers’ compensation benefits and the injuries that qualify someone to receive these, you likely imagine construction sites and factory floors. However, what you may not realize is that serious, work-caused injuries can happen in any environment, including an office where white collar workers spend their time.

It doesn’t matter if an employee is a professional and in a supervisory role or if they work as a clerical staff member – white collar worker injuries aren’t uncommon. If you are a worker who has experienced a white collar worker injury and needs legal help, our team at Hines Law has the skills and experience to help with your case.

How Do Injuries Happen in White Collar Job Settings?

There are a few different ways that a worker may suffer an injury when working in an office. For example, you may suffer a slip and fall accident or even develop a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome.

Any type of sickness, accidental injury, or even death that occurs because of something that can make you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is approved, you can get medical benefits for all things related to the accident and injury you experienced. You can also receive compensation for your lost wages.

One of the most common types of office injuries that result in having to file a workers’ compensation claim is a slip and fall accident. These can be caused by unattended spills, unsafe conditions, cluttered areas, loose rugs, or exposed cords. In some situations, inclement weather can contribute to hazards in the workplace, too. For example, water accumulation on the floors, icy parking lots, and slippery stairways can result in serious injuries.

Some injuries are the result of improper workstation ergonomics that cause strains, poor posture, or repetitive stress injuries. White collar workers may also be exposed to problems with indoor air quality can cause white collar injuries at work, excess noise, insufficient lighting, acts of violence, harsh lighting, or electrical hazards.

Common Injuries Experienced by White Collar Workers

If you work in an office environment or in a higher-level administration position, you aren’t completely removed from the dangers of physical work. You may experience a work-related injury no matter if your job is analytical and strategic or labor-intensive and grueling.

Since white collar jobs usually involve some type of desk work and the use of computers, those in this field may be at a higher risk for the following injuries:

  • Back pain: It isn’t too hard to imagine how sitting at your desk for eight or more hours per day could cause some muscle stiffness, cramping, and other types of discomfort in your back. However, you can also experience back pain due to ongoing sedentary work, which may be problematic outside of the workplace and keep you from performing normal activities, sleeping, and exercising.
  • Neck pain: If you are bent over while you work, reading, writing, or using a computer, it means you are angling your head down to read a screen. Because of this, neck pain is another common white collar worker injury.
  • Hand injuries: Some injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are extremely common for individuals who spend a lot of time typing or using a keyboard. These types of issues often occur after you engage in the same motion time and time again, which strains the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrist.
  • Vision issues: When you stare at a bright screen all day, it can have a negative impact on your vision. This may result in you needing laser eye surgery, prescription lenses, or some other type of expensive treatment.
  • Headaches and migraines: Sometimes, these are related to problems with your spine, neck, or eyes; however, they can also be related to an environmental element at work, like allergens, bright lights, or something else.

Let Us Help With Your Atlanta White Collar Workers’ Compensation Claim

As you can see from the in information here, even white collar workers can experience workplace injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, turn to our legal team at Hines Law for assistance. We can review your case and help provide you with the legal representation that ensures you get the benefits you deserve.

We want to help – contact our work comp firm in Atlanta. Our consultations are free.

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